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Benelux Mathematical Olympiad 2019

Valkenswaard, 26 April - 28 April 2019

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Problems and results

The problems and solutions of this year can be found here. Medals and an honourable mention were awarded to the following participants.

Gold medals
Tijs Buggenhout (28 points)
Marie Peeters (26 points)
Louis Olyslager (24 points)
Silver medals
Richard Wols (22 points)
Szabi Buzogany (20 points)
Tim Vogels (20 points)
Daniel Cortild (18 points)
Jonas De Schouwer (17 points)
Bronze medals
Jonathan Zandee (16 points)
Amos Nicodemus (15 points)
Liam van den Berg (12 points)
Quentin Claus (11 points)
Tjeerd Morsch (11 points)
Jelle Bloemendaal (10 points)
Angelina Kysil (9 points)
Honourable mentions
Charlie Tang (8 points)