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Benelux Mathematical Olympiad 2016

Soest, 29 April - 1 May 2016

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Problems and results

The problems and solutions of this year can be found here. Medals and an honourable mention were awarded to the following participants.

Gold medalsDamian Galant (BEL), 26 points
Wouter Andriessen (BEL), 25 points
Silver medalsSamira le Grand (BEL), 24 points
Levi van de Pol (NLD), 24 points
Pim Spelier (NLD), 23 points
Savinien Kreczman (BEL), 22 points
Reinier Schmiermann (NLD), 21 points
Bronze medalsTim Santens (BEL), 19 points
Ludo Dekker (NLD), 19 points
Michiel Versnel (NLD), 19 points
Siebe Verheijen (NLD), 18 points
Pieter-Jan Meuris (BEL), 15 points
Gabriel Visser (NLD), 15 points
Wietze Koops (NLD), 14 points
Matthijs van der Poel (NLD), 14 points
Honourable mentionRodrigue Haya Enriquez (BEL)